Welcome to Chris Wong Digital

Welcome to Chris Wong Digital

Welcome to the Chris Wong Digital website. I’m excited about launching the site after weeks of planning, implementation, review, and tweaking. Truth be told, this site is about two years overdue. Like the cobbler’s children who have no shoes, I was the digital communications and marketing consultant without a website. It’s no excuse, but I was focusing on doing the work instead of creating a site to showcase that work. I finally listened to my own advice about the value of putting energy and resources into digital marketing, starting with creating this site.

The process of developing chriswongdigital.ca began by creating a plan for what I wanted to achieve with the website, including goals and objectives, target audiences, and tactics to use on the site (such as writing a blog and including testimonials). Then I focused on the platform, choosing WordPress for its robust functionality and relative ease of use. I selected a WordPress theme, lined up hosting, and secured my domain name. Finally, I wrote content and gathered photos that I had taken (for the most part).

Here’s where I turned to an associate for help. Dennis Yip, a web developer with extensive WordPress experience, contributed enormously to the site. He installed plugins and with elements available in the theme, designed, set up, fine-tuned, and optimized all of the pages. Then I populated the site with the content, tweaked and adjusted, added Google Analytics for collecting data to the mix, and finally launched. In the end, the process was a microcosm of what I go through when managing the creation of a site for an organization or small business.

The cobbler’s children finally have shoes. I look forward to enhancing the site further, and focusing on the work guilt-free.


  • Glenny
    Posted at 10:34h, 28 July

    Congratulations, Chris! You and Dennis make an amazing team! The website looks amazing. The wait is definitely worth it.

    • Chris Wong
      Posted at 10:42h, 28 July

      Thanks so much Glenny! I really appreciate your support. I must start leaving comments on your blog!

  • Andie
    Posted at 12:50h, 28 July

    Congrats, Chris! Such a stellar site! Absolutely love it! Everything about it is just so thoughtfully and wonderfully executed. Kudos to you, Dennis and Sue!

    • Chris Wong
      Posted at 03:38h, 02 August

      Thanks very much Andie! I really appreciate your support. I was lucky to be able to work with such talented people on the site.

  • Dorrington Reid
    Posted at 22:35h, 01 August

    Congrats Chris! The website looks wonderful! Looking forward to seeing it’s growth and very curious and excited about the content you’ll be sharing here.

    • Chris Wong
      Posted at 03:40h, 02 August

      Many thanks Dorrington! I appreciate you checking out the website. I will keep you posted on how the site evolves.

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