Pacific Blue Cross

About This Project

Pacific Blue Cross is BC’s leading not-for-profit health insurance provider. In April 2014, the company went live with ADMINnet, an online system for plan administrators working with companies receiving Pacific Blue Cross benefits. I created and maintained a 25,000 word web-based manual on how to use ADMINnet. The project involved learning and testing the system and writing the manual – from scratch – in a user-friendly style. After the manual went live, I continued to update it as changes were made to the system. See the Pacific Blue Cross ADMINnet and Administration Guide.


Another project I completed for Pacific Blue Cross was researching and writing the company’s history, as part of the organization’s 75th anniversary celebrations. The project involved interviewing a number of people associated with Pacific Blue Cross, and combing through 75 years of documents from the company’s archives. I also conducted research at the Vancouver Public Library, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia, and Doctors of BC. The end result was a smartly designed, 56-page book, including numerous photos. See the Pacific Blue Cross Celebrating 75 Years history book (PDF).


What Pacific Blue Cross says about Chris Wong:

“Pacific Blue Cross needed someone with a unique mix of writing experience and a deep understanding of web. Chris delivered exactly what we needed in those areas. On a tight timeline, he wrote from scratch a web-based manual for an important new online system. What he produced fully met our requirements of having a help resource that explained complex processes in a user-friendly and accessible style. Chris also took on a challenging and intensive project to research and write our company’s 75-year history, and he crafted a thoroughly researched and engaging document. We would gladly look to Chris to help us again in the future.” – Brad Lyle, Former Director, Corporate Communications, Pacific Blue Cross

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